Scrotal Uplift (Scrotoplasty)

Scrotal Uplift (Scrotoplasty)

Most males elect to proceed with scrotal lift surgery, or scrotoplasty, because of scrotal tissue getting caught in swimwear or work out clothing, bicycle seats, interferes with their personal life or patients elect to have it done for cosmetic reasons.
Scrotal Reduction or Tightening, also known as Scrotoplasty, is a routine procedure. It treats stretched scrotal skin and muscle. It is an outpatient surgery that requires no overnight hospital stay and that heals relatively quickly with great results.

What are the Benefits of Scrotal Lift surgery?

Large scrotum can make a man self-conscious about his body and can make some physical activities uncomfortable or even painful. By tightening the scrotal muscle and skin, discomfort and irritation can be greatly reduced. Some men who before were self-conscious in the bedroom (usually due to a one time comment from their partner) often feel relieved and have more sexual self-confidence.

What does Scrotal Lift Surgery involve?

The surgery is usually performed on an out patient basis using local anesthesia. Neither the penis nor the urethra is affected when the scrotum is made smaller. Retaining a natural shape along with all normal sensation is paramount. Self-dissolving sutures are used so you won’t have to come in just to have the stitches removed.
What are the risks and complications of this kind of surgery?
All surgeries come with some level of risk, such as inflammation and infection. Strictly following pre- and post-op instructions will help to reduce the level of risk and complications. Rarely there is a possibility that it can reduce the viability of the sperm. However, for most patients we see this is not a major concern.

What is the recovery?

After the surgery you may feel a little sore for a couple of days, but both the swelling and discomfort will diminish within the first week. Ice packs can help to relieve swelling or bruising.


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